Album artwork for Mountain

Mountain Andreas Henneberg

Release date: June 10, 2013
Cat No: 3000° CD 07
Barcode: 880319627224
14,90 €
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Andreas Henneberg.. Born in Berlin and still living, loving & working in this beautiful pulsating city. Founder of “Voltage Musique Records” and “Cascandy” as well as part of “The Glitz” and “Hennon”. Feeling home at the well established and in Bremen based “Plantage13” family. Releasing on record labels like IDEAL Audio, Voltage Musique, Confused Recordings, Herzblut, AREAL, Kiddaz.FM, Material and Toolroom. Truly one of the most productive people in electronic music scene even if you don’t know. You can find him behind the scenes since the mid 90’s as a producer, label owner, mastering-engineer and of course as a DJ. A vast number of productions, publications and releases are the result of 15 years studio and label experience.

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