Album artwork for Mujra

Mujra Beigean

Release date: November 27, 2020
Cat No: HC006
Barcode: 4250101423024
Digital Single
Beigean returns to Hot Concept for the label’s sixth release,’Mujra’, rolling out a minimal/maximal two-track of sophisticated club pressure that once again follows the musical spice trail from Stafford to South Asia. Influenced by a childhood locked to radio that was lapping the ripples of rave culture, juxtaposed with his Father’s extensive Bollywood and Pakistani record collection, the alias of Beigean allows Haamed Ratyal the opportunity to capture the personal magic amid these distinct frequencies. His previous tracks have earned support from DJs such as HAAi, Midland, Gerd Janson and Erol Alkan, while his self-released EP ‘Baat’ on Tava Discs has become a much sought-after digger’s favourite. In comparison to his first Hot Concept release, the disco-licked ‘Dushman’, the two deeply focused halves of ‘Mujra’ find Beigean relishing the power of sheer rhythm. Coupling traditional tribal percussive techniques, a sliver of melody and dub FX, ‘Heera Mandi’ rattles with depth and detail. Then, on ‘Rondu George’, Beigean takes the same tools and heads inwards, winding them into a soundscape tighter and tighter, resulting in unexpected psychedelia. Concluding a sonically inventive year for Hot Concept, ‘Mujra’ is raw and inventive dance music, translating a diverse musical heritage into the sound of better times

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