Album artwork for Murky Waters EP

Murky Waters EP Cameo Blush

Release date: August 16, 2019
Cat No: TFAD6
Barcode: 4250101407420
9,20 €
On our seventh release we are thrilled to add a new name to our roster. Cameo Blush is the project of John Dunk from London. Some might already know him as a member of Ross From Friends live. Listening to The „Murky Waters“ EP, it is hard to believe this actually is Cameo Blush's debut release. Every track is oozing with emotional depth, invention and a purposeful confidence. „Murky Waters“, all glistening arpeggios and seductive alien vocals, sounds like a hyperkinetic dollie shot through a Manga style metropolis. „Hypervisibility“ then is taking clues from masters of abstract Electronica like Isolée, Lusine and Boards Of Canada, creating an audible allegory of longing and sensuality. „Prophet Paradise“ on the b-side soundtracks the holodeck projection of a dayglow beach under a neon sun. And finally, „Year 2000 Problem“ resumes the futuristic Manga theme evoking images of bots passing the Turing test, overflowing with joy and falling desperately in love.

POINTS OF INTEREST: – Cameo Blush is currently working on a live set which he will premiere during the Touch From A Distance takeover at this years' Field Maneuvers festival.

– Cameo Blush is part of the highly succesful Ross From Friends live band, where he is playing the saxophone amonst other things.

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