Album artwork for Music For Real Airports

Music For Real Airports The Black Dog

Release date: January 20, 2023
Cat No: dustcd110
Barcode: 4250101448072
14,90 €
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  • release
Music for Real Airports is a series of exciting live art events and installations in art galleries/spaces that are artistic response to the reality of occupying the semi-public space of an airport, and a contemporary reply to Brian Eno´s work from the 70s. Produced by musicians and artists with an international reputation - the Black Dog and Human - the project will portray airports as they really are, rather than idealised utopian vision of what they should be. Combining performances of electronic music and live-mixed animation and digital video projected on multiple screens, Music for Release Airports will be a unique, immersive experience that will draw in new audiences to art galleries.

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