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Music from the Luminous Void Vactrol Park

Release date: June 15, 2018
Cat No: Malka Tuti LP 003
Barcode: 880319917813
15,50 €
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180g vinyl
Only one month after the release of their first ep on MT on May 2018, Vactrol Park continue surprising, this time with a full LP in the shape of “Music from the Luminous Void”.
The album sees VP delve much deeper into more atmospheric realms. Using modular synths and unexpected drum machine sequencing they leave the 4X4 beats behind in favor of off-world rhythms and ever growing bass. 
 Starting with Drops’s high frequency tension, laying on top of those heavy kick drums it keeps on growing and growing. From there it moves to the “End of the party” groove that is Novikov’s Notation, and its trippy monotonic rhythm. The A-side ends with the heavy sampled ambient track Macbeth, bringing forward that mesmerizing flute solo by Italian artist Luca Spagnoletti yet succeeding in avoiding the kitsch, and with a touch of class. 

The B-side delves even deeper into ambience and atmospheric muzak. Starting with Bells, that features again Spagnoletti on flute. Then we get into the real gems of the album - Anstruther and Glove. The first is a pure trip into modular psychedelia and repetitive jazzy-like drum rhythms, creating tension right from the start and plays with it throughout the track before decaying slowly into Glove, which is in sense both the catharsis and the decompression session of the album. Like a 2018 version of Vangelis, this track’s soundscape will keep you dreaming with your eyes closed long after the album ends. 

180g vinyl

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