Album artwork for Music + Me EP

Music + Me EP Armonica / Dear Humans

Release date: October 9, 2020
Cat No: Connected 066 D
Barcode: 4250101421310
Digital Single
Connected 066 D
Italian duo Armonica who have a reputation for quality releases and remixes on labels including Mo Black ,Still Vor Madorasindahouse join connected with a transatlantic team up with Dear Humans an LA based electronic soul duo consisting of producer Corey Epstein and vocalist + songwriter Alex Who?

1. Music + Me: A beautifully textured rhythm with rising strings ping pong through an intriguing Intro that drops to reveal a synthetic blue sky as you look over the edge of a cliff. The drum section reconnects as this new atmosphere develops like a futuristic interpretation of early electro ambience, going deeper and then dropping to introduce a magnetic vocal melody and message that you don’t want to stop. This track has cast a spell on us , touched by a special combination.

2. Better WithTime (Armonica Vsn): Arpeggios weave in and out of a tight minimal groove creating movement without effort.A bass synth and piano signature define the mood of what is to come, followed by Dear Humans’ lyrics that give off vapours of sorrow and strength with a melody that moves like a snake over the growing intensity of the sequencers.

3. Better With Time (Dear Humans Vsn) A rougher edge with surround sound drones and growling synth characterizes this version, joined by tribal percussion , xylophone and concave bass stabs as the vocal reverberates slightly in the back ground and dirty electric pianos anchor the groove. The hypnotic feel of the music drifts away to some instrumental oasis.

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