Album artwork for Optimo Music Disco Plate Three

Optimo Music Disco Plate Three Noo

Release date: April 6, 2015
Cat No: OMD 03
Barcode: 880319703812
Sold Out
Noo are Daze Dasen (aka Plastique De Reve) and Sami Liuski (aka Bangkok Impact / Putsch '79. They return with their second 12" (Noo 2) and the third in the Optimo Music Disco Plate series. Their first 12" was a summer of 2014 smash hit. This second double A side 12" single is built out of imaginative sampling combined with analogue machines. Phenomenally produced, modern disco epics that fully work their magic in a club setting.

Two ten-minute tracks.

"Must Be The Music" : Absolutely guaranteed not to appeal to moody techno fucks. Epic disco-ness abounds. Features breakdance potential breakdown at around 6 minutes. Already huge with Pete Waterman.

"Heaven's Gate" : a soundtrack for evacuating the planet. Road tested on our last star trip to Sirius.

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