Album artwork for Muzik is love (Special Locked Grooves Edition)

Muzik is love (Special Locked Grooves Edition) Marc Romboy & Blake Baxter

Cat No: syst0140-6
Barcode: 4251804181068
15,90 €
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After a decade-long hiatus, Blake Baxter (Underground Resistance, Tresor) and Marc Romboy (Systematic, Kompakt) have reunited to release their latest track, "Muzik is Love." More than just a song, it represents a philosophy, a mindset, and a tribute to authentic techno music. The duo previously collaborated on the hit "Freakin'" two decades ago, a track that continues to electrify dance floors. They followed up with several iconic tunes, including "Muzik," "Where Would You Be?" and "House Ya." This new 12-inch record features special locked grooves on the B-side, catering specifically to vinyl enthusiasts. With two records, DJs and music lovers can creatively rearrange the track, blending the locked grooves with individual stems from the original to form a unique mix. Dive into a new realm of vinyl mixing with this innovative release and experience the evolution of techno firsthand

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