Album artwork for Nachtzon

Nachtzon Milio

Release date: October 29, 2021
Cat No: ATMV092
Barcode: 4250101437199
Coming Soon
A year after his debut on Atomnation, Milio unveils his exceptional first album Nachtzon. Due for release on October 8th, the 12-track album showcases the Dutchman’s flair for escapist melodic sounds. Email van den Dungen started this solo alias in 2020 after previous success as part of the Tunnelvisions duo. But he has ways been a skilled pianist from a musical family, which explains why his well-crafted, emotive melodies always make such an indelible mark. He has a love of beautiful voicings, coloring, melody and harmonies. Personal relationships and close friendships also instill his music with a sense of fun and honest connection and he is someone who spends hours honing his craft, practicing theory and growing ever more conformable with his array of both vintage and modern synths, pianos, guitars and drums. All of this translates to this debut album, which is an expansive affair stuffed with gorgeous grooves and real musicality. Nachtzon is a widescreen record that proudly wears its heart on its sleeve.

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