Album artwork for Ndlalifa EP

Ndlalifa EP Diamond Dealer / Tabia

Release date: April 8, 2022
Cat No: Connected 098
Barcode: 4250101443091
Digital Single
Connected 098
South African House music mainstay Diamond Dealer joins forces with singer- songwriter Tabia to deliver a stacked EP featuring remixes from Jackson Brainwave & Kiberu.

Following two EP’s on MoBlack and a guest appearance on John Digweeds’ Transitions radio show, Diamond Dealer has garnered support from notable artists such as Black Coffee, Solomun & Sasha. He now adds his unique sound to the Stereo MC’s connected imprint with the ‘Ndlalifa’ EP.

Tabia’s prayer-like vocals plead for the return of the ‘Heir’ (written in tribute to Diamond Dealers son) and tell the story of ‘Ndlalifa’ through writhing, syncopated beats, guitar synths and cascading piano chords. These elements provide the ideal conditions for remixers Jackson Brainwave and Kiberu, who contribute two stunning tracks each to round off the release. In addition to including a chuggy AfroTech instrumental of their version, Jackson Brainwave opts for the hypnotic route: a four to the floor rhythm, stripped back percussion and added ambience characterize his remix.

The first of Kiberu’s takes combines Detroit influences with a shuffling groove. The raw bassline and arpeggiating flutes take centre stage as playful hi-hats duck in and out of the mix. The Kwazulu version picks up the pace by adding a Djembe groove and a distorted, stuttering bass line, creating a darker impression of the original while still maintaining the authenticity of Tabia’s deep and moving performance.

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