Album artwork for Never Lonely No More

Never Lonely No More Orson Wells

Release date: August 5, 2013
Cat No: Playrjc 026
Barcode: 880319633119
Sold Out
Includes high-quality Mp3 download
Dear Children, Ramona happily announces Orson Wells' first full-grown EP. Being made by a Frankfurt kid with a mature sound signature, “Never Lonely No More” nods towards what once was and what could be one day. Chicago rhythm boxes are melting with the fragile soundscapes of post-new-wave modernists while they take a walk on broken glass. Tangerine Dream's krautrock utopia strays between drowsy house music bass lines. An art school class drinks a cup of hemlock filled with jungle juice. The whole thing feels like the soundtrack to “Pretty In Pink” if Akira Kurosawa would have directed it and held a release party at the Music Box. Damn, kiddo! Never no more lonely for sure.

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