Album artwork for Neverending EP (Incl. Roberto Clementi Remix)

Neverending EP (Incl. Roberto Clementi Remix) Alek S

Release date: February 23, 2018
Cat No: MOC 016
Barcode: 880319911910
8,70 €
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MOC’s Alek S returns to the mothership with his third full EP, dropping just in time for the label’s third birthday.

Kicking off the release in style, „Consciousness Outline“ lays down the groundwork for a solid slice of punchy techno. Featuring a minimal array of elements, which aptly intertwine instead of seeing new layers pile up, it’s a gradual build up of a powerful groove.

Hypercolour & Soma Records alum Roberto Clementi takes on remix duties, revamping „Consciousness Outline“ into a cavernous techno affair. Switching the main focus on the percussive leads proves a good venture, as it results into a piece with major dance appeal.

„Penny Drop“ dives in with a spacious loop, which keeps centre stage throughout the entire construction. Overall, it’s an airy track, with ample pads and a loose yet gripping melody.

„Neverending“ rounds off the pack in an atmospherical, upbeat fashion. Ascending synth pads make for an uplifting ambiance, all set on a backbone of electrifying percussion.

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