Album artwork for NEW ME


Release date: June 23, 2023
Cat No: UGD-006
Barcode: 4250101459382
Digital Single
NEW ME is about having fun being naughty.

LAVA opens the EP with lyrics that are equal parts pop-trope and playground-taunt. “I may be a bad girl, but I don't know what bad means, and I am not a girl...” it teases the rule-makers; the people who decide what bad is or what gender is are like kids declaring which pieces of furniture are made of lava. “I am lava can’t touch me!” Lava is also a rich symbolic substance from the deep underground, ever morphing until it hardens.

I make up the rules! I make up the rules! I can have a kick-solo in my song if I want! The rhythms underlying LAVA were made using bpm-automation. Good luck DJing this one. Also, good luck learning the hand-clapping game once it hits the playground.

FAKE details the difficulties of finding dates when everyone thinks your gender is made up. Haha, all gender is made up, losers. There is no self. Once you understand this it’s possible to access a secret utopia. My fairy godfather came to me in a dream to lead me there. The entrance lies behind a waterfall. This inspired the lyrics that end the song.

Combustible and metallic percussion form the foundation of FAKE. A squeaking mattress sings the chorus. The bulk of the sound design is by the brilliant STRACHKVAS. FAKE is my version of STRACHKVAS’ version of my old demo.

NEW ME is about endurance.

NIGHT BUS revs the BPM up to 195. You have to go hard to withstand the violent night. Lyrics are based on true stories, such as the time orchid-killers came for me, took all my money, and burned my diary. Synths are woven from angel voices, which accompany a beat of tumbling gravel.

NEW ME closes with its title track, which is dense with hot, comforting noise. Some sounds are field recordings (woodstove), some clicks and growls come from vintage Buchla & Serge (thanks to a residency at Elektronmusikstudion Stockholm!), more synths are made with pitch-shifted and smeared layers of my voice, and finished with Ableton stock instruments drenched in syrup.

Don’t wanna burn out at the stake. Don’t wanna be afraid. Just be. Just dance. A new me snapped into my spine and I love them.

NEW ME is about constructing, destroying, and becoming oneself. -M

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