Album artwork for Newborn

Newborn Aaron Ahrends

Release date: April 13, 2015
Cat No: And 019
Barcode: 880319704611
And 019
6,90 €
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Things really started to happen for Aaron Ahrends since we released his “Brief Embrace EP” in May last year. Michaela Dippel aka Ada (Pampa Records) immediately fell in love with "Newborn" and started working on a remix right away. While she was doing that, she was also breeding butterflies at home, watching them turn into chrysalids and hatching, and then at last setting them free. Her remix is very catchy and really created a lovely atmosphere for our barbecue parties last summer.

Last year, the wonderful band Forgotten Birds (Karaoke Kalk) bid farewell to live gigs for the time being. It is strange enough for a band to take on doing a remix at all. Their first and probably their last remix happened spontaneously during a studio session. That’s why their musical parting gift is all the more precious to us. 

Dave DK (Kompakt/Pampa) regularly played the EP and was really into “Casiotone 401”, so he created a DJ-friendly edit for his live sets which rounds off this release perfectly All songs are made in Hamburg! 

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