Album artwork for Next1

Next1 myr.



Release date: April 6, 2018
Cat No: Areal 089
Barcode: 880319906411
Digital Single
Areal 089
myr. makes music that takes you on a journey and his latest ep, Next1, is an outer space adventure with extra-terrestrial sounds and alien rhythms. The EP lifts off with Dark Ness – nearly seven minutes long, its deep and punchy base lightens as waves of laser-like synths drift over it. The track builds to a mad crescendo of shooting star sounds that make you want to move your feet. Backlash starts with a big bang of drums and tinny hi hats then hair-raising groan creeps in from the background. You’re kept in fear of what you might hear next until the track estuaries out into a friendlier flurry of handclaps. Turn Over has a touch of Blade Runner about it – it may be the ep’s “easy listening” track but it’s still not lacking in surprises. Warm beats are overlapped with eerie synths which arrive in unpredictable waves and keep you on edge. The release rounds off with a skilful remix of Dark Ness. The drums are softened and hypnotic loops of creepy space sounds are brought to the fore. myr.’s Next1 is an exciting exploration in sound - it transports the listener into unknown where they still feel the irresistible urge to dance.

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