Album artwork for Night Scars

Night Scars Pleasure Pool

Release date: March 13, 2020
Cat No: OMDD 023
Barcode: 4250101415319
Digital Single
OMDD 023
Pleasure Pool are a new Glasgow band who may wear their influences on their sleeve (they could have easily been in-house band at The Paradise Garage) yet still manage to have a lot of uniqueness & sound of now. They say – “8 am. Yellow on wood. In the moist, the dry fantasises. Blue mood, contemplative. Bass still vibrates, vibrates through the temples. I try to be tired, tried, but who needs sleep tonight? Way to awake to dream, too dreamy to sleep. Other days are starting, good one. Another bit of yellow, air, frantic heart. Beat. Beaten by the night, beaten by the day. Red. Bed? Not yet. On to green, even if it’s grey. There’s always time to play.

That’s how Pleasure Pool leave you, always wanting more. Glasgow’s underground birds put out their first release on Optimo Music. Dreamlike vocals are surrounded by pulsing synth-landscapes, which introduce the listener to their own unique temporality. Somewhere between the euphoria of a 6am rave and the organised psychedelia of an Anni Albers textile, the sound bounces hypnotically on your brainstem until the hypothalamus pukes endorphins out. What colour would Kandinsky find for this one?”

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