Album artwork for No Eres Tu

No Eres Tu Mamacita

Release date: April 21, 2014
Cat No: H+P009
Barcode: 880319646416
9,20 €
Without further ado , H+P would like to impress you with No Eres Tu. Some of you may remember Mamacita's guest appearance on Auntie Flo's Future Rhythm Machine? Here we proudly present her first release which comes to you in collaboration with our dear friend Alejandro Paz. We've sat on this record for so long that we've often forgotten how amazing it actually is! A very fun, 80's Chicago house record via Santiago, Chile. One of the summer! We were concerned about anyone touching the flawless original, but Argentinian, Ana Helder delivers a blinding job, at once retaining the best qualities of the original, whilst making it her own. With apologies for depriving you until now, ladies and gents, we present... Mamacita

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