Album artwork for Nominal Attraction

Nominal Attraction Bärtaub



Cat No: YOYAKU010
Barcode: 4250101467110
15,90 €
  • 65955513ddbd0
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Istanbul-born, Berlin-based duo Bärtaub is queueing up next on the prestigious Paris imprint of Yoyaku. Following successful releases on Butch’s Otherside label and legendary R&S records, Bärtaub brings a fresh sonic exploration to the Yoyaku imprint. “Nominal Attraction” delves into the magnetic forces of music, where objects are drawn to each other within the same genre nominally, skilfully ensuring that each piece maintains a distinct identity, providing a set of unique spaces for each track. The release presents a seamless blend of breaks and house music, united under the flag of Minimal Techno, evolving within a sharp sound organically to create an immersive and dangerously danceable experience that transcends traditional boundaries of the genres. The A side showcases a powerful introduction as well as a deeper, breaded cut as the duo is joined by Brick. The B side opens up on a more incisive interpretation of Deep Breaks with the title track of the EP, to finish off on an inevitable piece designed to warm even the coldest floors of the planet, under the name of Chord Shift Space.

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