Album artwork for Not A Bright Future EP

Not A Bright Future EP Tom

Release date: December 17, 2021
Cat No: TEMP003
Barcode: 4250101439612
Looking at the state of affairs, the title of Tom’s debut EP Not A Bright Future will certainly resonate with a lot of listeners. Albeit the pessimistic outlook, we are witnessing the emergence of an exciting new talent on the horizon. Tom’s year-long involvement within the electronic music scene – be it as a DJ, curator or host of the renowned Tech Talk events, materializes into an iridescent sound palette: from bittersweet arpeggios, to mind-melting, dubby bass patterns, to melancholy-inducing acid synths, his work aims to capture the many moods and shifts on your typical night out. On the flip, Sarah Farina retreats the opening track ‘Dressed to Kill (feat. Enya EI)’, creating a sonic scenery simultaneously situated on 90s UK field raves and contemporary dancefloors. Navigating between time and space, the message of the EP converts into a subtle optimism: When the future doesn’t look bright, embracing the presence becomes imperative.

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