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Now and Then Various Artists

Release date: July 21, 2017
Cat No: OM So Low 001
Barcode: 880319865114
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OM So Low 001
10,20 €
So Low is an occasional night in Glasgow run by Iona Fortune, JD Twitch, Katie Shambles and Becky Marshall. So Low is strictly for creatures of the night and plays music that could perhaps be described by the words Dark Waves / Cold Waves / Minimal Synthesis / Maximal Industrial / Lo-Nrg / Forgotten Flemish Goth Bands, Teutonic Apocalyptic Beats +++

It is now also a label, administered by Optimo Music.

After debuting with Happy Meals “Full Ashram Devotional Ceremony” album, here is the first 12” release, “Now & Then”, a various artists 4-track EP featuring two tracks from now and two from then. It’s released in late July.

The four tracks are -

A1) Ian Hicks - False Awakening (2017). 100% Modern Maximal 110bpm Synth masterpiece with buried vox from half of Portland’s much missed Soft Metals.

A2) Luxos - Vihreä Ovi (2017). 100% hypno atmospherics from Glasgow’s Luxos aka Daniel Magee (Lo Kindre) & Maria Rossi (Cucina Povera).

AA1) Carl Matthews - As Above So Below (1982). 100% synth XTC out of Cumbria originally released on the Flowmotion compilation on Colin Potter’s ICR label.

AA2) The Schmutz Sisters - La Folle (1988). 100% Goth waltz classic from Switzerland. End of the night dance floor drama assured.

The 12” comes housed in a bespoke hand printed fold out poster sleeve inserted into a plastic sleeve with screen printed text on the plastic, designed and created by Katie Shambles. Due to the extremely labour intensive nature of the sleeve design this will be a strictly limited edition of 300 copies.

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