Album artwork for Nowhere Vinyl Sampler 01

Nowhere Vinyl Sampler 01 Various Artists

Release date: March 30, 2018
Cat No: SoHaSo 016
Barcode: 880319923517
Sold Out
Limited to 150 copies. Silkscreen printed artwork (remixed) by Quentin Deronzier
Something Happening Somewhere returns with a new collection of stories unified under the brand new NOWHERE compilation series. Shards of tales long forgotten are told and retold by a group of fellow travellers, exploring sounds in many shapes and forms. Sailing towards an unknown destination, revealed here are the hymns luring you into the abyss…

The NOWHERE 01 Vinyl Sampler is a carefully curated selection of freshly crafted propellants pressed on wax for the very first time. Quince gives us a saturated electronic work-out, combining gritty drum sounds with bass guitar and odd timed synth zaps. Kurt Baggaley’s Detect was a digital exclusive from his Remembering Infinity EP, now finally available on black gold! It features a similar electro groove but uses artificial intelligence to add vocoder sounds and digitally aliased robot tears. Fader From Borneo takes a more frontal approach providing a catchy bass riff with warm pads and synthesised strings to guide you in a comfortable trance.

On the B-side we find Kiani & His Legion with another one of his emo burners, trademark nature inspired synth sounds and cinematic storytelling intertwine, pure bliss. Closing off this vinyl sampler is Sigward with a trippy and hypnotising cut that draws you in with razor-sharp synth signposts. As if warping through a tunnel of constantly shifting coloured lights, ‘and then I flew out…’. Something is happening somewhere, but where… ?

The NOWHERE voyage is designed by our favourite designer Quentin Deronzier and for the Vinyl Sampler we’re creating a unique silkscreen printed remix of his visual articulation. The face of a mortal being exposed from every angle it discloses every achingly beautiful, enchanting and haunting detail there is to discover. There are things hiding in the murky depths of the seawater, discoveries not to be looked into the eye and sounds never to be resonated by an eardrum. Perhaps nowhere is actually a place worth visiting.

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