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Ocean Blues Remixes Yula Kasp

Release date: May 13, 2016
Cat No: Kill The DJ 42
Barcode: 880319762116
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Let us introduce the first YULA KASP ep produced by PILOOSKI and remixed by REBOLLEDO & PILOOSKI. Yula Kasp is our « enfant sauvage », raised by wolves into a wolf. A slav pup in Poland, under the dregs of the communist regime. A teen wolf in Toronto, daughter of immigrants, eating up America through Rock n'Roll rebellion. And a nearly grown Canis Lupus in Paris where she starts going out where the fellow wolves go: Le Pulp, Le Batofar.... The wolf is a social animal, but Yula also makes music alone, on the cheap, in her bedroom. Her first project would be an homage to her grand-mother, Wanda Trampczynska, solely made up of cut-ups of her words. One of leader of her pack that slowly emerges here is Matias Aguayo from Comeme records, for whom she starts making videos (another thing she learned alone). Everybody will remember Rebolledo's Guerrero video (werewolf?), or other works for Philip Gorbachev or Sano. Matias is drumming on two of the tracks of this ep, CONSCIOUS and SENSITIVE PLANT. After the early pick up of the LEISURE by Mauricio Rebolledo for the A VERY NICE COMBINADO compilation of the Pachanga Boys, Pilooski seemed an obvious choice to produce the infused psychedelia of this mini album, a strange mixture of eighties wave tape music, folkish electronic voodoo, dubbed-up disco, her own mental poetry and extracts from Shelley or W.H Davies. This is a world you need to enter with your eyes closed, visions will come by themselves.

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