Album artwork for Off The Map EP

Off The Map EP Pisetzky

Release date: June 29, 2015
Cat No: Just This 003
Barcode: 880319715419
Just This 003
8,70 €
  • dK76zsBKDjVV
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As the music is research, Pisetzky loves to get deep into bass lines of different sound dimension. His style is always powerful and melancholic, moving hearts and minds into multi layered soundscapes. He started producing in 2010 with the name Fabiano Valli as sound designer for fashion brands. Since late 2013 he turned his profile into Pisetzky, inspired by a growing Milan’s techno scene, he started to realise his attitude into being active part of the project Just - This. He already proved his musical research for the biggest Europe festival’s stages ( Off Sonar week, ADE, Amore, Barrakud ), as in the finest clubs and parties. In the darkness of his studio or even on the hottest dancefloors, Pisetzky shakes deeply souls and bodies with his dogged rhythms.

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