Album artwork for Ominous Music EP

Ominous Music EP Vinicius Honorio

Cat No: BP076
Barcode: 5414166675722
13,80 €
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Almost a year on since his Blueprint Records debut, the London-based Brazilian, Vinicius Honorio delivers the follow-up to "Sem Rumo".

With a storied history in DJing and producing, starting in Rio de Janeiro as a D&B selector before settling into London's techno sphere, the Brazilian producer pens dark and dubby textures. Delivering releases on his own label, Liberta Records as well as the likes of Modularz, Mord, Token and of course, Blueprint he has displayed his penchant for trippy and foreboding techno whilst encapsulating the energy and passion that have come to be synonymous with his style. A style that also permeates his DJ sets which he's taken around the globe.

"Ominous Music" features four hard-hitting Techno tracks characteristic of his style. Released 31 May on vinyl and digitally.

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