Album artwork for Omni

Omni Maral Salmassi

Release date: April 1, 2016
Cat No: KSQ 047
Barcode: 880319767814
Digital Single
KSQ 047
After a 10 year hiatus, Maral Salmassi is back with a new EP and the relaunch of her classic techno label Konsequent. As the EP title hints, this release is a celebration of her techno music background, rooted deep in the 90s but flavored with hints of more contemporary dark ambient vibes. Beginning with the hypnotic, sci-fi Techno of 2016, to the relentlessly charging and tenebrous groove of 2005, to the dark futuristic banger 1994 the EP displays the wide range of techno that Salmassi has fused together into something that both reminds us of where techno came from and gives us an idea of where it might be headed next.

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