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On Repeat Holger Zilske



Release date: May 28, 2021
Cat No: AEONIC005
Barcode: 4250101428258
After a series of ambient influenced and rough Techno cuts, AEON’s innovative sub-label, æonic shows yet another musical face, releasing a classic Electro/breakbeat EP by Holger Zilske including a fantastic remix by Vril.

Holger Zilske is no stranger in the electronic music landscape. Since his early beginnings as a producer, DJ, performer and sound designer he has steadily got worldwide recognition with his well known projects, having worked with artists like Ellen Allien and Pampa’s Dave DK on some of the most distinguished labels. Having already released on Playhouse, Acid Test & BPitch Control quite some time ago under his real name, Holger returns bringing his most personal side back into the spotlight.

Speaking of personal, Holger himself says the following about his tunes: „Covid-19 and some major family issues made me focus on my inner-self and let me reflect my situation a lot. I wanted to do something more personal again. Something not just functional. ON REPEAT definitely has some Kraftwerk reminiscences. I combined the robot like vocals from a book reading app with my Juno 106, Roland 101 and 808 beats. A combination of very classic elements that created something to enjoy on a party, as well as at home.

“ VRIL, known from his releases on Ostgut & Delsin, has become one of the most appreciated live acts in Techno lately. With EP’s like „Alte Seele“ (with Berghain’s very own Marcel Dettmann) he has already shown some different skills, drifting into a more dark side of electro world. A perfect fit for this EP! And no doubt: Vril stripped back electro version, is a perfect addition, letting ON REPEAT shine in a more trippy, melancholic way than its original.

MADNESS: „The lyrics are inspired by an old movie from Greece.“ Holger says: „I found a vinyl on the fleemarket with the soundtrack and some voices from the movie on it....I played with some snippets of the voice and exchanged it later with the same robotic style vocals that I used for ‚On Repeat‘.“ The text saying, „You got everything except one thing: Madness“ teaches you: A totally controlled environment won’t give you pleasure / you won’t be able to buy happiness. ....And don’t we all need a bit more of „good madness" in our lives after more than one year of lockdown?!

ETERNALLY CONNECTED was inspired by old material from John Beltran who Holger admires a lot. The tune has a distinctive old school flavor and is topped with an improvised guitar being played by his studio partner Don Salustre. For Holger this track is a very personal & emotional one. And so he dedicates it to his son.

The EP is rounded up by 303 OLYMPICS. A track which was a direct jam, Holger already recorded before starting this EP. Its classic sounds with the ambient twist made it fit sound-wise very well to end this stunning EP with.

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