Album artwork for On The High Line - Remixed

On The High Line - Remixed Boys’ Shorts

Release date: March 22, 2024
Cat No: Playrjc 108
Barcode: 4250101469336
Digital Single
Playrjc 108
Here we go again! The return of the Greek DJ and production duo Boys’ Shorts – this time in remixed form! »On The High Line« and »Dark Room Rendez-Vous« from their first ever release for LIVE AT ROBERT JOHNSON get the remix treatment for even more Boys’ Shorts dancefloor mayhem. First up is Romain FX with his »Pressure Remix« of »On The High Line« and the title gives a hint to Romain’s approach: He indeed adds a bit more pressure stripping down the former 80ties fueled track by adding a big big bass line thus achieving a more concentrated punch in general. By keeping DJ City’s beautiful cool vocals for their remix they manage to keep the same lascivious quality you find in the original version. We say: Mission accomplished. The next ones are a real “All in”! Jason nocturne doubles his stake straight away! Two versions for you! Keep it rollin’ “On The Highline”, or do you like it more acidic? The choice is yours! Former Chicago-raised and socialized DJ and producer Alinka is next with her version of »Dark Room Rendez-Vous«. We’re happy the Ukrainian-born and now Berlin resident Alinka is back for LARJ twisting the knobs just the right way transforming the track into a straighter and slightly darker monster the original instrumental already is. It’s a winner, thank you Alinka! We stay with the same track but now it’s Mala Ika’s turn. The French producer originally from Guadeloupe throws in a deeper bass drum into her remix and holds this extra energy over the whole six minutes. Mala Ika also adds a happy little synth melody that transforms this typical dark tune into a joyous yet still dark track. All in all these three remixes can be seen as a beautiful supplement to Boys’ Shorts original outing and will definitely find their way to the clubs all over the world.

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