Album artwork for One Big Bug


Release date: February 28, 2020
Cat No: RGV015-12
Barcode: 4250101412509
11,20 €
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Shanghai-based music producer HUAN HUAN (aka Diamond Lil) is releasing her first 12” EP “One Big Bug” in Ran Music’s sub-label Ran Groove in November. The EP includes 3 dance tracks with influences from Electro, Industrial and Techno music. There’s also a remix from her good friend Fishdoll. Being deeply involved in Shanghai’s club scene, HUAN HUAN’s debut EP is a re-interpretation of her aesthetic towards club music. Her usual deep and exquisite sounds have turned into a more minimalistic and industrial direction which you can hear in the classic Electro grooves, aggressive modern sub-frequency sound design and random industrial noise in the background. The listener can find the trail of the modern techno direction as well as feel the smell of an electro revival, together with Fishdoll’s contrasting flavor remix, presenting us this amazing EP.

HUAN HUAN(aka Diamond Lil) is an independent music producer and DJ living in Shanghai. She’s one of the most appearing figures in Shanghai’s club scene. As an excellent music producer, she produces music and remixes for many other artists in the scene. She’s good at creating deep atmospheric soundscapes with a cinematic feeling. Her delicate sounds are glued together into vibrating grooves, with the synth sounds from the 90s forming her secret weapon conquering people’s ear drums on dance floors. Benefiting from Shanghai’s advanced club scene, HUAN HUAN’s performance and music work have reached wider platforms and have caught the ears of many overseas acts and labels

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