Album artwork for Only A Taste / Rabalahara

Only A Taste / Rabalahara Talking Props

Cat No: DEDGE101
Barcode: 880319560316
Up to this point, Diogo Accioly and Diego Moura's partnership as Talking Props has taken off and reached the heights of international acknowledgment almost effortlessly. Acclaimed not only by their peers, somewhat denoted by the fruitful joint ventures they managed to forge which renowned names such as Vincenzo, Argy, but also peer whose attention they managed to grab, labels reputed as bastions of quality music such as Suara and Dessous. Quite predictably, It seems that in the case of this release on the D-Edge Records, the label sprung from the club where they hold their long-lasting residency on Thursdays, they made some of their best efforts to date, releasing two deliciously infectious numbers. "Only A Taste" plays down its true intent. Far from being just a sample of their approach or a rhythmic amuse bouche, it is a truly fair statement of their potential on the fine art of crafting irresistible grooves. In spite of its somewhat cryptic name, "Rabalahara", in its turn, does the job of offering a rather exotic affair with its rhythmic straightforwardness and melodic quirkiness that collaborate to yield an engulfing yet relaxing vibe. The respective remixes enhance the originals' essential assets, which means a lot when both duties lie in the talented hands of people such as Argy and Martinez. The former gifts us with a wonderful rendition of "Only A Taste" by improving its original drive and taking his sophisticated melodic approach to an already tasteful piece; the latter empowers the rhythmic strength of "Rabalahara" and adds to the mixture his nordic spices, for the listener's maximum pleasure and the dancer's highest delight. In short, an EP that gives an earful of flavours that you could hardly resist.

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