Passt, Wackelt Hat Luft/ So, Jetzt Ham Wa Da´n Punkt

Release date: August 23, 2010
Cat No: Pingipung 09-2
Barcode: 880319485114
6,90 €
  • PVUbJCUWQidt
  • release
Pingipung was founded back then by Peter Presto who introduced his dubby chansons on a 7inch vinyl. With a malfunctioning vocoder in his speech centre and his sunmilk-coated synths he played himself into the heart of many, among them our distributor in Cologne. Together with Kompakt we relaunch the back catalogue of our Peter Presto 7inch collection: The four Maxis from the 4 x 7inch Box are now exclusively for single sale - one every three weeks. At a happy summer price only available at Kompakt or in our own webshop!

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