Album artwork for Pandemix Live Jams Vol.5

Pandemix Live Jams Vol.5 Move D

Cat No: SR221205
Barcode: 4250101450167
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Vol. 5 of Pandemix Live Jams kicks of with „Reality Benders“ - a reflection on the 2020 US elections. Broken beats and a haunted melody over a monotonous but hypnotic modular bassline. A2 „For Pete’s 60th*“ is a dedication to Pete Namlook’s 60th birthday - the day this jam was recorded. A dreamy Ambient piece with sprinkles of ASMR and a narration by Manuela Krause over deep basses and soft ambient swirls. The entire B-side is dedicated to the Jazz tinged House tune titled „The Boogie Lander“. First the original Move D version based on his 2020 Pandemix live streams. Funky and with a certain sense of humour. At this version’s core is a long spaced out electric guitar solo. B2 then gives us the „Other Worldly Jazz Remix“ by the amazing Reggie Dokes who elevates the track to a whole new and even jazzier level. Nevertheless, Reggie still keeps the dance floor in mind. Quite a remarkable remix to end a little more experimental Move D EP.

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