Album artwork for Parallel Reality

Parallel Reality Code E

Release date: May 17, 2005
Cat No: Mule Electronic 005
Barcode: 880319149115
Mule Electronic 005
11,20 €
Code-E Alias Ebizoo, As Known As Nobuhiko Tanuma Born Inå@Tokyo Japan Dj.musician, Recording Engeneer,Game Sound Programer The Writer Name Such As Low Beat Style As `Ebz`Deep House Style Asåmcableåm And Disco-Dub Electro As ` Code E ` He Is Not Only By The Musician, And The Supervisor Of The Multimedia Art Also Does. In 2001, It Won The Game Which Was Called Him Rez Of Supervised Sony Playstation With Ars Electoronica2001. *Prix Ars Electronica Interactive Artå@ Honorary Mentions2001 It Took An Active Part To 1999 As A Creative Director In The First Internet Tv In Tokyo It Participates As A Producer And Those Who Perform In Cuttingedge Of Japanease Underground Music Night Done In Graz2003 In January 2003.
Der Medienspezialist krault seine Platinen & produziert feinen Minimal-House der an Modernist erinnert.

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