Album artwork for Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind Lopal

Release date: January 22, 2021
Cat No: TAL005
Barcode: 4250101423062
9,50 €
Label newcomer and multi-instrumentalist Lopal debuts with a hit EP, covering a wide range from bluesy electronica to raw downtempo house.

A1 Teasingly and with great finesse Lopal intertwines powerful chords, twinkling melodies and a snugly baseline towards a distant climax, which seems near and yet far away as he unhastily stacks up hypnotic patterns.

A2 A bluesy palm-muted guitar and a steady minimalistic percussion groove immediately catch attention, but when they get backed with by keys, cleverly processed vocals and delicate atmospheric details Lopal truly works his magic and leaves anyone behind.

B1 An ethereal pad contrasts harsh percussion, brasses from another world introduce the dominance of a powerful kick and it's growling baseline. Lopal tricks the listener into a short moment of relief by bringing in a warm guitar only ultimately drag him deep down the rabbithole.

B2 Through the combination of a trotting groove and dubby stabs with aimless chord progressions and a gentle arrangement, Lopal playfully describes the happy but not cheerful life of a young man with a mustache.

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