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Perfuse EP

Label: Echocord
Release date: May 3, 2010
Cat No: Echocord 043
Barcode: 880319454318
Sold Out
Here comes the second EP from Fluxion. A third Ep in the series + the full lenght CD album will be released later this year. Greek artist Fluxion (aka Konstantinos Soublis) first presented his style of dub-influenced techno through a series of 12”s and albums on the Berlin label Chain Reaction, starting with Lark / Atlos in 1998. He then released a handful of 12”, which ended up in the two Vibrant Forms releases. In 1999 he created the Vibrant Music label. "Perfuse" is a pulsating slow dub track. The sound patterns emerge steadily, to form one stream. One organic movement, that every part complements the other. "Wabbler" is a live track recorded in one take, a journey back to the influencies of dub. B2 is a strong powerfull remix of “Perfuse” that will work on every dancefloor, a typical Deadbeat remix for all the fans out there.

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