Album artwork for Phara Oh Away

Phara Oh Away Dole & Kom

Release date: March 17, 2014
Cat No: 3000° 015
Barcode: 880319660917
3000° 015
8,70 €
Imagine you’re hit by a freight train and at the very same moment you’re tickled with a feather. That's exactly how the groove of Dole & Kom feels like, and the track Phara Oh is another prime example. Bouncy beats and booming bass proclaim an unmistakable message: It’s all about the dance floor! A melodic torrent accumulates with each and every bar before it finally erupts and cascades through the arrangement in shiny streams. Then exotic singing starts and the track takes off, leaving the grey world of everyday life a thousand miles behind. The Remix by The Glitz is just as compelling, yet completely different: Based on an extremely heavyweight bass line their version merges the organic warmth of the original into explosive Funk. Away is the name of the second strike on this record, and it is just as uncompromising in terms of push and pressure. Weightless delays, drifting sounds and subliminal siren singing remind us that the outbreak of spring is just around the corner. This again means that Kombinat100 may not be missing! The remix of the legendary combo from Mecklenburg draws its hypnotic power from lively percussions and a distinct feeling of deepness, creating their signature vibe.

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