Album artwork for Phase Ep

Phase Ep STK



Release date: March 3, 2017
Cat No: OLGA 003
Barcode: 880319859618
Digital Single
OLGA 003
The excellent OLGA label—from Brazil’s leading club D Edge—is back with more sleek house and techno that is designed to be heard in their club. This time it is STK behind two brilliant tracks.

First up is the smooth and silky deep house cut that is ‘Nathure.’ With pinging kick drums rolling down low, some masterful melodies and trippy synths slowly unfold up top like musical fireworks. It makes for an absorbing track that really sucks you in. On the flip, ‘Pinned' is more direct and bouncy, again with rounded and rubbery drums down low. They are punchy and funky and the crisp percus-sion does a light footed dance up top as neon chords and smeared pads add warmth and colour.

These are two late night dancing tracks full of soul and warmth.

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