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Plants L_cio



Release date: October 6, 2023
Cat No: D.O.C. 043
Barcode: 4250101462979
Digital Album
D.O.C. 043
Few things seem so familiar while looking so alien to us as these omnipresent creatures that insist on taking care of us despite all the harm we do to them and ourselves. Plants are these mysterious and majestic beings that manifest themselves around us in both tiny and grandiose ways. Enveloping us in their colorful exuberance while providing us with the most elemental substance that makes this phenomenon called life possible, one that many choose to call a miracle.

These may seem as trivial facts, but they are the very essence of what acclaimed Brazilian musician L_cio set himself to create in this latest album. Narratively, it is a musical homage to our wonderful partners on this planet in the many phases of their existence among us. Conceptually, it is a celebration of all things that bind us in which every technical and human resource is geared towards delivering an enthralling aural journey that will materialize in many forms.

As storytelling, we follow their fascinating development as each track is named after a stage of botanical life, intertwining while defining a vital process that manifests itself in quite distinctive ways yet maintaining a cohesive whole. Life as it unfolds.

As procedure, the album is a tribute to the bonds we forge, as creatures and creators. Collaboration lies at its core, involving both the artist’s families: the one kept through craftsmanship and the one that keeps him in kinship. Art as it becomes.

As product, it relies on cutting edge audio ideas in order to deliver a singular experience to the listeners through holographic stereo techniques, aiming at creating a sonic metaphor to how plants exist within and without ourselves. Sound as it is.

Biological tale, collective endeavour, technical achievement. All dimensions of what makes it a unique aural offering, one that is meant to find a place to thrive in the hearts of open-minded listeners.

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