Album artwork for Platipus 30 Years 01/12

Platipus 30 Years 01/12 V/A



Barcode: 4250101463044
18,90 €
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Platipus needs no introduction for anyone in the dance music business. Still going strong after 30 years, the label boasts loads of classics in the trance and progressive firmament. To celebrate this anniversary a special series of 12 collectible vinyls will be released over the next year. The opening release contains 2 killer classics by Union Jack with Caspar Pound’s remix of the classic Two Full Moons And A Trout, in addition, Cygnus X’s anthemic remix of Art Of Trance’s Madagascar is also part of this release backed with a more recent track in the sound of today by label head honcho Simon Berry in collaboration with Luke Brancaccio & Kiki Cave. Topped with Adam Dived’s Into The Sea, this forms a great starting point.

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