Album artwork for Please Don´t Intend To Let Your Intellect Dominate You

Please Don´t Intend To Let Your Intellect Dominate You Alma & Mater

Cat No: Ancient Future 008
Barcode: 4250101408724
Ancient Future 008
10,90 €
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On the heels of the success of their very sought-after Edits EP, which found support from the likes of Gerd Janson, Ame, John Talabot, Axel Boman and all our other favourite DJs, ALMA & MATER are providing their first full-on solo EP for Ancient Future Now. And they have an urgent message they like to convey: PLEASE DON’T INTEND TO LET YOUR INTELLECT DOMINATE YOU, freely adapted from a quote by the one and only Susan Sontag, as you can hear for yourself on the first track, the aptly titled SUSAN. And the music around it follows suit; no heady over-complication here, instead we get no-nonsense basslines and grooves and an almost too catchy marimba melody, that will surely dominate your feet. The second tune BLOCKCHAIN follows this path, this time the magic ingredient probably being a cowbell that swirls over the hazy synth pads and bouncy basslines. On the flipside ADA (Pampa, Areal) delivers a delightfully subtle and complex remix of „Susan“, which exposes its inner beauty even more and more after repeated listening. Framing the tune in her unique velvety melancholic world of sound elevates the track to a wholly different level. Rounding off the EP is HADE’s BELGIUM MIX of the same track, which perfectly compliments the other remix by going in the opposite direction. Instead of smoothing off the edges he exposes them even more, adding sampled old-school bass and drum sounds with a twinkle in the eyes.

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