Album artwork for Pleasures of Stupidity

Pleasures of Stupidity Oskar Offermann

Release date: March 29, 2024
Cat No: Playrjc 105
Barcode: 4250101468988
Digital Single
Playrjc 105
What can we tell you about the pleasures of stupidity … well … you tell us … or let's ask Oskar Offermann who might know a thing or two about it if we take a look at the first track on this - his second - record for Live At Robert Johnson. It's called »Mucho Stupido« and is of course not stupido at all. Do we need to introduce Mr. Offermann to you? We think not as he has been a household name in the German underground house and techno scene for more than 10 years running former labels WHITE & Rimini and deejaying in many legendary German clubs on a regular basis: Berghain/Panorama Bar, Robert Johnson, Bar 25, Tresor - you name them. His debut album released in 2012 was an international success and since then he is touring the world holding residencies in Hong Kong, New York, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Kiew, Berlin, and of course Offenbach. But let's get back to the pleasures of stupidity and »Mucho Stupido«. What a way to kick off this record. It has everything a future classic house banger needs: The tempo seems just right, the bass drum is ace, the hi-hat grooves as hell and Oskar adds a spoonful of acid and a vocoder voice singing »We are the people« - well, what else do you need? This one will float beautifully out of many sound systems thus flooding dancefloors with pure energy and joy - stupido? No! For »Break Your Face« Oskar raises the tempo distinctly. Yet this track does not lose its dreamy quality provided by lovely wistful synthesizer melodies - while continuously stomping throughout the five and a half minutes. This tune will not break your face but will surely put a smile on it. »Ending Chapters« shows a more experimental side of Mr. Offermann. It's a wonderful beat study and maybe not your average kind of house. But it is a wonderful piece of music that will grow on you when listening to it a couple of times - just give it a try - especially on the dancefloor. Pleasures of stupidity? Pleasures of musicality! Thanks, Oscar!

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