Label: D.O.C.
Release date: June 29, 2018
Cat No: D.O.C. 026
Barcode: 880319925818
12,80 €
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L_cio DOC Records welcomes L_cio for a beautiful full-length album entitled ‘Poema’.

L_cio is a Brazilian artist who brings his own flute playing to his music. He has previously collaborated with the likes of Portable on the huge hit ‘Surrender’ and is a live act who has held residencies at plenty of key clubs in Brazil. He’s also toured all over the world from Egg London to Robert Johnson in Frankfurt and released on labels like Perlon, Soul Clap Records and D.Edge. His eight-track album is an emotive affair with deep house grooves embellished with his own spine tingling instrumentals and flute.

‘Paqe’ kicks things off with five minutes of springtime sounds and fluttering flutes that carry you off into clear blue skies. ‘Canto’ is more driving, with crisp drums and synth stabs all getting you into a groove. ‘Forte’ then drops into techno mood with powerful kicks and busy snares then ‘Complet’ re-sets with two minutes of blissful flute lead ambience that is utterly calming.

‘Poema’ is another beautiful interlude with floating synths and shimmering synths and ‘Avante’ brings back house drums with dramatic synths and icy hi hats. ‘Canto2’ again blesses you out with more exquisite flutes and some melancholic organ work and closer ‘Lagoa’ is a dreamy track with animal sounds, flutes and languid chords all encouraging you to get horizontal. .

Continuously growing serious followers, L_cio live performances and recent releases on DOC Records (‘Chico Buarque Construção Revisited’; ‘Vazio’; ‘Traffic’; ‘People Talk’; ‘Schwantes’), will definitely secure a major place in the realm of electronic music.

Beautifully crafted in collaboration of DOC Records label boss Gui Boratto, ‘Poema’ is a truly unique album that showcases L_cio’s truly uniquess and magical sound.