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Point Zero Biri



Cat No: figure x36
Barcode: 4250101452888
12,80 €
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London based Biri has long been a part of the extended Figure family, first releasing on Figure Jams in 2019, appearing again on the electronica compilation series Open Space. With Figurex36 we finally get his first full solo EP, and it’s a proper statement of his artistic breadth as an accomplished techno producer.

Proving his club-readiness, opener Point Zero comes with all the right assets: functional, fast and equipped a propulsive bass-charge that ramps the velocity alongside grooving slabs of synth for a searing finale. A beautifully intertwined web of chopped up amens and cascading arps is Upward Spiral, showcasing Biri’s gathered influences from living in both London and Berlin. On the flip there’s Clarity, an atmospheric roller of booming bassline, brooding trance stabs and no-nonsense rhythmics. Towards the end Biri takes things deeper, blending bleeping melodies on Rotation Of Consciousness to slowly build up an icy intensity, which surges until it pervades all of space around the stomping beat. Bonus track Rather See My Heart Turn Crystal comes only on the digital release, telling a story of melancholy and longing through swelling synths and broken percussion.

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