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Polo (Versions) Maxmillion Dunbar

Release date: February 6, 2012
Cat No: Playrjc 016
Barcode: 880319548215
8,70 €
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When no one's watching Ramona is usually listening to Future Times records and Beautiful Swimmers all days. Maxmillion Dunbar is not only half of those aquanauts, but also running the label and releasing music as Max(million) D(unbar). What a guy! Hanging out in the vague territory between slow-motion house with a hip hop feeling or dubby and dubious fun music, his melodious approach is extremely hard to categorize but all the more enjoyable. “Polo” already saw the light of day on “Max Trax For World Peace, but Ramona’s favorite DJ Ata and Live At Robert Johnson manager Oliver Hafenbauer were so much in love with the bleepy bonbon that they offered it a place by their fireside. Now cautiously modified, fine-tuned and extended for its label home, it’s a rainforest serenade for beatnik boys and girls, with all the ingredients you want from tha D. The only kid able to thrown down the gauntlet in front of Maxi is Frankfurt’s melody man Phillip Lauer (Arto Mwambe, Brontosaurus, etcetera etcetera). Turning “Polo” into one of his trademark sluggish bass line barrage tracks with falsetto synths and sharp snares. Get your vogue brogue out.

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