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Poly-Tikk Ep R.wruhme/Wighnomy Bros

Cat No: MK 008
Barcode: 880319182310
MK 008
12,80 €
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It's true, a swallow doesn't make a summer, but if she appears in that polyphonic shape, summer is here! Introduced by "Opa Maxes Kurzkolumne", that 4 tune swallow flying in as it is typical musikkrause: impertinent, crazy, danceable. After MK007 came along sort of "krausekafka-like", now its Freepunkjazzclickhouse with critical-position-attitudewill be exchanged with typical "i'll bring the sun in the basement"tracks. Robag Wruhme& Wighnomy Brothers unite mirror balls and dark deep with rooms equiped with steelposts into its own soundsymbiosis which allways touches the muscels of the dancers. "killerteppich" is straight-forward Boogie with accentless basslines and chopped voicechips, which urge on the surface like a emergencycall and free themself even when falling down again every now and then.All that is shadowed by an echolot-like melody which disappears from time to time to make space for new turns. "Spekk-drum" convince with a tauntly, sometimes unruly downbeatgroove, which force the neck to move up and down. Now and then some bits and pieces of a sitarsound are popping in. All that is carried by a sort of "melodark cantus" and a voice, out of a matrix to show, who is the boss in the house. "Zündplatzchen" should make every hip operation unneeded. With a minimal, short and to the point, demanding rhythm its both prevention and rehabilitation for hips and limbs.Floating, slim-made Space-Techhouse with departure and arrival in the alteration including killerbassline, chopped voicefragments and just another guitar. "Draw Halycon Days" at the end make clear that the essential things in life are love and harmony. accompained by an irresistably pianomelody and keyboardsounds, the beat is rustling via the ear directly in the belly and spreading out here benevolently.
"Krausekafka-Like", Now Its Freepunkjazzclickhouse With Critical-Position-Attitudewill Be Exchanged With Typical "I'll Bring The Sun In The Basement"Tracks. Robag Wruhme& Wighnomy Brothers Unite Mirror Balls And Dark Deep With Rooms Equiped With Steelposts Into Its Own Soundsymbiosis Which Allways Touches The Muscels Of The Dancers. "Killerteppich" Is Straight-Forward Boogie With Accentless Basslines And Chopped Voicechips, Which Urge On The Surface Like A Emergencycall And Free Themself Even When Falling Down Again Every Now And Then.all That Is Shadowed By An Echolot-Like Melody Which Disappears From Time To Time To Make Space For New Turns. "Spekk-Drum" Convince With A Tauntly, Sometimes Unruly Downbeatgroove, Which Force The Neck To Move Up And Down. Now And Then Some Bits And Pieces Of A Sitarsound Are Popping In. All That Is Carried By A Sort Of "Melodark Cantus" And A Voice, Out Of A Matrix To Show, Who Is The Boss In The House. "Zündplatzchen" Should Make Every Hip Operation Unneeded. With A Minimal, Short And To The Point, Demanding Rhythm Its Both Prevention And Rehabilitation For Hips And Limbs.floating, Slim-Made Space-Techhouse With Departure And Arrival In The Alteration Including Killerbassline, Chopped Voicefragments And Just Another Guitar. "Draw Halycon Days" At The End Make Clear That The Essential Things In Life Are Love And Harmony. Accompained By An Irresistably Pianomelody And Keyboardsounds, The Beat Is Rustling Via The Ear Directly In The Belly And Spreading Out Here Benevolently.

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