Album artwork for Polybolo

Polybolo Dusty Kid

Release date: October 31, 2011
Cat No: Boxer 086
Barcode: 880319540912
7,99 €
  • T2d8U0VUr4fe
  • release
“Polybolo” is a monster that drags you into the abyss, and hits the dance floor like an avalanche. Dusty Kid starts the survival training that every raver who calls himself professional should have passed in the acid shower. Constant knocking wears the stone: like the peak bagger who finds himself awe-struck by the earth’s elemental forces, “Polybolo” reveals the pure longing, the archaic natural forces, only by means of pure synthetic tools. And in case you are not such a hard-raving member of society you will find your satisfaction in Popof's stripped down monster groove remix of “Argia” on the flipside.

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