Album artwork for Polymetric EP

Polymetric EP Ninze & Niju

Release date: September 30, 2022
Cat No: TAL011
Barcode: 5054286836988
12,80 €
  • 62ea367e55737
  • release
A1 Somber ambience and dark drones pair well with small, silent melodies and form this perfect teaser track by Ninze & Niju. A2 With their well-known ear for details, Ninze & Niju deliver the soundtrack for riding your skateboard through deserted downtown past midnight. A3 Another signature tune by genre-defining NInze & Niju, bringing together hushed drum patterns and filtered organs to this mind-boggling brain bender. B1 Not much time is wasted when rhythmic layers, driving arpeggios and moving percussion slowly unite to this hypnotic peak time beast to be unleashed by Ninze & Niju. B2 This pretty straightforward, yet hard-to-grasp track unfolds in too many layers to leave you calm - another twisted tune for bare feet in morning dew.

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