Pop Ambient 2004

Label: Kompakt
Release date: November 24, 2003
Cat No: Kompakt CD 029
Barcode: 880319000720
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Sold Out
Pop Ambient is programmed poetry, feeled data processing, it is like a sweet way of getting drunk without having a hangover. Those of you who have seen the movie Hero know that real art cannot be replaced by technique (Matrix 2). Well, there is such and such music, too. And Pop Ambient is still the orchid among the variety of ambient music. Pop Ambient 2004 features not only well-known heros like Markus Guentner, All, Ulf Lohmann and Triola, but also some new artists: Andrew Thomas from New Zealand for example, or Tetsuo Sakae from Japan and his project called 'Pass into Silence': with his fragile, little treasure 'Sakura' he presents a most promising view onto his new album to be released in spring 2004 on Kompakt. Pop Ambient 2004 also features Donnacha Costello and Klimek: with their guitaresque jewels, they manage to close the narrow gap between Johnny Cash and cosmic noise blown through the open doors of the endless universe of pop ambient sounds. To be announced in the Pop Ambient year 2004. As in Heaven, so upon the Earth.
Alle Jahre wieder !