Portland EP

Release date: April 1, 2016
Cat No: MOC 008
Barcode: 880319761713
8,70 €
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Ashworth concentrates on the essence of solid techno in his first full EP for made of CONCRETE. Inspired by the main component of concrete itself, the material is intitled ‘Portland’ and consists of no less than four original tracks.

“World” makes for a gentle introduction by opening with a soft melodic lead, swiftly changing the tempo after a few measures. We’re quickly immersed in a syncopated bassline peppered with whirring synths that harmonise with full scale piano cuts, the most intriguing earworm on the entire cut.

On “Launch” the producer lays down hard hitting techno drums from the get-go, setting the foundation for a tense atmosphere. Ashworth’s signature move quickly ensues, as he manages to inject emotion through synths and piano pads into an otherwise tense and anxiety-ridden ambiance.

Toning down the graveness of the previous tracks’ mood, ”Mineral” reveals a surrendering groove, with a stripped down, minimalist approach, where the melody is assembled with the help of industrial elements, emotive bleeps and electric glitches.

Ashworth’s experimental edge is evident in the final track “Scatter” - the sub bass lead creates a morose atmosphere paired with low-key synths and mechanical loops.

While the first two tracks showcase Ashworth’s ability to instill life into solemn techno soundscapes, the second half of the EP successfully exhibits his edgy experimental side, adding up to a heterogenous release.

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