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Powerdance M.S.P. EP

Release date: May 20, 2016
Cat No: OT 021
Barcode: 880319750618
7,99 €
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Powerdance is a collective formed by Luke Solomon and Nick Maurer formed as a reaction to bland soul less dance music that seems to infiltrating nightclubs the world over.

Luke and Nicks comradely stems back many many years to their association with the Classic Music Company - a label formed by Derrick Carter and Luke.

Nick Maurer was one half of the then prolific Greens Keepers.

This EP for Optimo Trax features the wigged epically funkoid gem "Mysterious Space Plane"; who doesn't like songs about space? On the other side is the modern hyper jacking "More Fire". Alongside these are a reprise of "Mysterious Space Plane" and a bonus beats of "More Fire" for those djs who like to / are able to get creative with their mixing.

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