Album artwork for Pr 00/5

Pr 00/5 Pattern Repeat

Release date: February 20, 2012
Cat No: Pattern Repeat 05
Barcode: 880319567315
Coloured 12"
Pattern Repeat 05
7,80 €
  • EoE6ksntAlxs
  • release
After a break for over a year Pattern Repeat is back again with another two tracks on their own label.

Both Kenneth & Resoe has been really busy last year, so it has been difficult to meet up in the studio. But now they had the time to finish two tracks of deep dirty techno from the capitol of Denmark Copenhagen.

Again they set it of with Raw Dirty Dub Infected grooves and the A side starts up right away with the Dub elements intact, and then keeps building through the rest of the track.

After the short break a hypnotic atmosphere kicks off in best Pattern Repeat style. The B side starts slowly with an almost Alfred Hitchcock kind of atmosphere, with a dull kick underneath. The track keeps gettin´ more dirty through the 6 min. and 15 secs. it last, with more distortion added to the dub stabs.

It´s a good way that Kenneth & Resoe returns since the last 12" they put out in december 2010, to set the stage for 2012.

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